Col. W.P. Rogers Story Corinth Mississippi Sons of Confederate Vetrans



The 2016-2017 Camp officers for Col. W.P. Rogers Camp SCV #321 are:
Dennis Brown- Commander  662-212-4621
Buddy Ellis- 1st Lt. Commander
Larry W. McDaniel - 2nd Lt. Commander
Dwight Johnson - Adjutant
Bobby Scott- Chaplain - email
Keving Nelms- Sergeant. at Arms
Thomas E. Strickland - Quartermaster - email
Danny Beavers - Historian
Chris Haley - Surgeon
Chip Cole - Judge Advocate

Officers with the five"Jefferson Davis Camp of the Year awards"
Larry McDaniel, 2nd Lt. Commander, Tom Strickland, Quarter Master, Bobby Scott, Chaplin, Larry Mangus, Commander, Jonathon Cagle, Historian, Buddy Ellis, Judge Advocate, and Dwight Johnson Sargent at Arms. Ist. Lt. Commander Dennis Brown is not pictured.


** In memory of Stan Hughes **
SCV Camp #321 | P.O. Box 1591 | Corinth, Mississippi 38835-1591

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