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2010-2011 Camp of the Year Award
At the 2011 State Meeting of the Mississippi Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the Colonel William P. Rogers SCV Camp recieved the Jefferson Davis Award as the Mississippi SCV Camp of the Year. This was the second year the Camp took the award.

Private Eli Franklin Romine Iron Cross Dedication
On October 29,2011, the Col Rogers Camp and the Corinth United Daughters of the Confederacy Chapter #333 dedicated an Iron Cross Memorial at the grave site of Private Eli Franklin Romine of Company A of the Sixth Regiment of Mississippi Calvary at Farmington Baptist Church. The Sixth Mississippi was part of General Nathan Bedford Forrest's command and participated in several battles in Mississippi. The Sixth was cited for gallantry in the Battle of Harrisburg, which is now part of Tupelo, MS. The unveiling of the Iron Cross was done by SCV members. The tributes to Private Romine was done by Commander Mangus and Mrs. Rosa Spencer, UDC president. UDC members placed a wreath on Private Romine's grave.

Click here for Private Eli Franklin Romine Service Program

Real Sons Memorial Services
On Oct.2, 2011 the Rogers SCV Camp and the Mississippi Division of the SCV held two Memorial Services for our two Real Sons that answered the last "Roll Call" in June - Mr. Willie J. Cartwright and Mr. James J. Nelms, Jr. We were honored to have Mr. Alan Palmer, Commander of the Mississippi Division, and Mr. Larry McCluney, Councilman, of the Army of Tennessee as participants in the Memorial Services.SCV members from many Camps across Mississippi were in attendance to honor the last two Real Sons from Mississippi.They were very moving services, greatly appreciated by the families and friends of Mr. Cartwright and Mr. Nelms.

Mr. Willie J. Cartwright Memorial Service
Memorial Service Program

Mr. Cartwright's grave marker

Lost Cause

UDC Members in Mourning dress

Councilman Larry McCluney presenting flag

Musket Salute

Cartwright Family

Mr. James J. Nelms, Jr. Memorial Service
Memorial Service Program

Mr. Nelms Head Stone

Chaplin James Taylor escorting
UDC Ladies

Placing of Wreath

Presentation of flag by Councilman Larry McCluney

MS Division Commander Alan Palmer

Musket Salute

Parallels of first cousins run very deep
by Daily Corinthian

Two first cousins and Alcorn County natives are among the six living true sons of Confederate veterans documented in the state of Mississippi, but the parallels between the two men run much deeper.
Willie Cartwright, who will be 87 on March 11, lives on Bunch Street . James Nelms, who will be 85 on April 9, lives on County Road 709in the Holly Community. They were reunited on April 2003, when Nelms joined the W.P. Rogers Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp that Cartwright had been a member of since 1988.
Cartwright's mother Laura and Nelms' mother Kate were half sisters.
Cartwright was 21 years of age when his father Pvt. John Harvey Cartwright of the 1 st Mississippi Infantry, died at the age of 90, and Nelms was 23 when his 93-yar-old father James Joseph Nelms died. Unlike Cartwright's father who was twice wounded during Civil War battles in Virginia , Nelms' father was a 16-year-old Confederate soldier-in-training around the time the “war between the states” ended. Nelms' grandfather Capt. Matthias Nelms with Company I of the 2 nd Mississippi Infantry did see Civil War action. “We don't have proof, but we've always heard he rode with N.B. (Nathan Bedford) Forrest,” Nelms said of the grandfather he never had the chance to meet.
U.S. Army Pfc. Cartwright followed in his father's footsteps serving three years in North Africa , Italy , France and Germany during World War II, and Nelms was stationed with the U.S. Army in Columbus during World War II when his father passed away. Both are soft-spoken men who describe their fathers in similar ways. “He was a good daddy. He spanked me when I needed it, but he wouldn't whip you when he was mad,” remembered Cartwright. “He never failed to do what he set out to do. He was one of the most truthful people I've ever known.” Nelms recalled, “He was a strict dad like most were in those days. We got along real well, but when he said ‘no' he meant ‘no'.”
Cartwright and Nelms were taught strong work ethics by their fathers as well. Both were reared working side-by-side with their fathers on the farm. Cartwright has worked as a mechanic, truck driver and most recently a grocery bagger at Gardner 's Super Market where he officially retired in the summer of 1999. Nelms was a cotton farmer at one time who retired as a truck driver for a children's home in Cullman , Ala. He also operated a sawmill from 1977 until about five years ago.
Cartwright's wife Virginia passed away of a stroke in 1998. Nelms and his wife Virginia – yes, the cousins married women with the same name – celebrated 60 years of marriage in July 2003.
One thing that sets the cousins apart is that Cartwright is the father of three as well as grandfather and great-grandfather. Nelms and his wife have no children. And while Cartwright thrives on the physical rehab he completes twice daily for a total of four hours, Nelms is more laid back. “I mostly stay around the house and do as near nothing as I can get away with,” Nelms admitted.

Adams Memorial Service
On July 9, 2011, the camp sponsored a Memorial Service and Headstone dedication for Private Martin F. Adams of the 14th Mississippi Infantry, Co A, known as the Shubuta Rifles. He had a distinguished war record having fought in many major battles. The ceremony was part of the Adams/Gray family reunion and was attended by family members from several states. Music was provided by the "Lost Cause"and Chaplin Tony Brown gave the invocation and benediction. Mr. Roy Gray spoke for the family and Commander Mangus presided over the ceremony. Betty Raye Smith Akers of the D. T. Beall UDC #1185 read the patriotic poem "Let the Banner Wave Boys". The 24th Alabama Calvary, Co. C provided the military salute, and Mr. James Embry played Taps. Over 75 persons were in attendance.

Adams Memorial Program

Martin F. Adams Gravestone

Roy Gray from the Adams' Family

Program Participants

Roy Gray and Commander Mangus remove flag from grave

Confederate Memorial Day Service
On Sunday April 17th, 2011, the Camp sponsored its 19th Annual Confederate Memorial Day Service at the Corinth Civil War Interpretive center. Music was provide by the "Lost Cause', Commander Mangus presided over the ceremony, Compatriot Mark Houston gave the invocation and benediction, 2nd Lt. Commander Dennis Brown read lt. Governor Phil Bryant's Confederate Day Proclamation, 2nd Brigade Commander, Buddy Ellis, read the poem, "If a Confederate Soldier could talk", and General Robert E. Lee gave the keynote address, "Portrait of a Confederate Soldier."

A wreath was laid on the grave of Colonel William P. Rogers by Dana Lee of the UDC, Mr. James Nelms, our Real Son, and Commander Mangus. The 48th Tennessee provided the military salute and Mr. James Embry played taps. There were over 125 persons in attendance.

Photos from the 2011 Confederate Memorial Day

Mr. Nelms with General & Mrs Lee

Dennis Brown, 2nd LT Commander
- Reading of the Proclamation

Lost Cause

Robert E. Lee

Military Salute

(l to r) General Grant, Mr. Nelms, Larry Mangus, Dana Lee & General Lee

Rosa Spencer, Larry Mangus and Kathy Sewell from Corinth UDC Chapter

Reenactors Practice Stacking Arms

19th Annual Corinth Civil War Heritage Day
The annual Civil War Heritage Day was held on April 16, 2011, on the grounds of the historic Verandah House in downtown Corinth. This has been an annual event for the last 19 years. The activities included
period music by the "Lost Cause', a living history encampment by the 48th Tennessee, and visits by general and Mrs. Robert E. Lee and General and Mrs Ulysses S. Grant. A large display of civil war relics and flags were also part of the event. Over $200 in donations were raised toward the restoration of the historic Verandah House.

Photos from the 2011 Confederate Memorial Day

Relic Hunters Club

General Grant & Reenactors

General & Mrs. Lee and General & Mrs. Grant with Lost Cause

General Lee and John Austin Childers



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